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What Is IBank?

You could say we're the world's first "Un-Bank". No matter where you live and regardless of your financial situation. IBank is the only global, cloud-based bank with the services and features you need and expect from a traditional bank - and some features you'd never expect a bank could provide. And IBank's "Bank Where You Shop"™ Model means no need for Internet connections or smart mobile devices.
And the best feature of all: NO FEES

How IBank Works

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Step 1

Visit and Authorized IBank Merchant for an IBank SmartCard and Application. Answer a few brief questions.
Step 22

Step 2

Provide Proof of your Identity. Once we confirm your information, you're all set.
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Step 3

Funding your IBank Account is easy with cash or check at any Authorized Merchant. You can also transfer funds from another Bank or IBank Member's account.
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Step 4

Start enjoying the benefits of your IBank Account even if you have no Internet or smart mobile phone. But if you do have Internet access or a smart phone, you can benefit from IBank's Advanced Features.

IBank helps you achieve your
Financial Independence

No Wasting Money on Alternative Financial Services

An unbanked family of four will annually spend, on average, the equivalent of 8 Weeks' worth of groceries on Alternative Financial Services. Money that could be saved in your IBank Savings Account.

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"Bank Where You Shop"™ Convenience

93% of the 2000 bank branches closed in the US in 2018 were in Low Income Neighborhoods, pushing access even further away from those who need it. With IBank, banking is as close as your local convenience store.

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Start building your Nest Egg with an IBank Savings Account

Cookie jars and mattresses are no place for saving your hard-earned money. With an IBank Savings Account, your funds earn interest and you can access your money when you need it.

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                       Watch the video here:

                                        Learn how an IBank Account can help
                                        solve the problems of the unbanked.
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    | No One Left Behind

    If you do not have convenient access to a bank, have been denied a bank account for any reason, or simply can't afford the fees, IBank is your solution. As long as we can verify your identity, no one is denied an IBank Account. Ready to take the first step toward Financial Independence?

    • IBank is available to anyone, nearly anywhere in the world.
    • Benefit:
    • Having an IBank account gives you the opportunity to participate in global commerce.
    No Credit Check is required, and your past banking experience will not affect your ability to open an IBank Account.
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    | Ditch the Alternative Services Fees

    If you are unbanked, you already know about the high fees of Third-party Financial Services that drain your precious resources. Ready to start saving money?

    • IBank is Totally Free - there are NO FEES to Consumers for any of IBank's Services
    • Benefit:
    • The money that you save in fees can be placed in an IBank Savings Account
    The average unbanked family could spend up to $1,100 annually in fees for alternative services.
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    | "Bank Where You Shop"

    Traditional banks are closing branches in the neighborhoods where they are most needed. But imagine if you could do your banking where you buy your groceries - doesn't that make more sense? Ready for a bank that's more convenient?

    • IBank's Basic Services - Deposit, Withdraw, Send, Pay Bills, Check Balances - can be accessed from any Authorized IBank Merchant.
    • Benefit:
    • Not having a traditional bank branch convenient to your home is no longer a problem. Bank where you shop every day.
    Consumers without access to the Internet or smart mobile devices have no alternatives but branch banking.
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    | 0-Fee Overseas Money Transfer

    Sending money overseas to friends and family is expensive - especially when you don't have a bank account. Services like Western Union charge some of the highest fees in the industry. Ready to save those wasted fees for that family vacation?

    • Zero-Fee Overseas Money Transfer
    • Benefit:
    • Regular senders can save hundreds in Transfer Fees Annually
    All Foreign Currency Exchanges are subject to a "Spread" between the Buy & Sell Price. IBank guarantees to provide our Members with the Lowest Currency Exchange Rates available at the time of transfer.
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    | Saving For Your Future

    Keeping your savings in a Cookie Jar or under the mattress is risky and is actually costing you money. Stop putting your hard-earned money at risk.

    • An IBank Interest-bearing Savings Account
    • Benefit:
    • Grows your money and keeps it safe
    The fees you will save with an IBank Account can go toward growing your Nest Egg for those unexpected emergencies or that dreamed of family vacation.
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