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If you do not have a Bank Account, IBank provides Basic, Essential Banking Services, at No Cost,
No Matter Where You Live and
Whatever Your Financial Status.
The First Step Toward Your Financial Freedom
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How IBank Works

We designed IBank for anyone who is burdened with the Frustration and High Cost of being Unbanked.

Sign Up For An
IBank Account

Visit an Authorized IBank Merchant, pick up an Application, answer a few Simple Questions, Verify Your Identity
and you're all set!

Or, if you have Access to the Internet or a Smart Mobile Device, Visit Our Website and Sign Up online. Either way, once we verify your information your IBank SmartCard can be activated at the Merchant's location.


Fund Your
IBank Account

Funding your IBank Account is simple and you have several options:

  • Visit an Authorized IBank Merchant and deposit your cash or check.*
  • Have your employer Direct Deposit your pay into your IBank Account.
  • Transfer funds from another bank or another IBank Account.

* Availability of funds subject to checks clearing from issuing banks.

Use IBank for all
your transactions.
No Fees.
No Balance Minimums.
No Smart Phone.

The IBank SmartCard is all you need. But if you do have a smart mobile phone, you can take advantage of IBank's Advanced Features & Benefits, like Merchant Locater
and Money Manager.

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Bank Where You Shop

Deposit & Withdraw, Pay Bills, Send Money - even overseas!
Right where you do your shopping! Now doesn't that make more sense?

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Clearly, A Better Solution

No Special Technology Required. Basic Banking Features include Deposits, Withdrawals, Bill-Pay and Money Transfer that can be accessed at any Authorized IBank Merchant with the IBank SmartCard.

No Fees to Consumers for any IBank Services.

Safe & Secure - your Funds can Never Be Lost or Stolen

Start your Nest Egg with an IBank Savings Account

Send or Receive Funds in most of the world's popular currencies.

Unbanked consumers live in a dangerous financial world. A lack of access to basic banking services leaves them open to risks of theft, fraud and loss. By using Alternative Financial Service providers, they also fall prey to expensive predatory products that make it impossible for them to achieve financial security.

IBank if the first product that truly addresses the needs of the Unbanked: Lack of Access to Banking Facilities; Lack of Access to the Internet; Insufficient Resources for Traditional Bank Fee Structures.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

All the Feature & Benefits of a traditional bank account without the fees. IBank helps the Unbanked achieve their Financial Freedom.

  • No Pre-existing Bank Account Required.
  • No Special Technology needed to Access IBank.
  • No Fees Of Any Kind - and No Account Minimums.
  • No Credit Check Required.

Advanced Features

For Consumers With Internet & Smart Phone Access

  • Maintenance

    Account Maintenance

    Full Control over all Account Functions:

    • Set up Direct Deposits
    • Arrange Auto Bill-Pay
    • Transfer Funds to Savings
    • And much more...

  • Tracking & Budgeting

    Tracking & Budgeting

    Wondering how much you spend on Food, Medical Expenses, Entertainment? Would you love to plan your Budget to Save for the Future?

    Track Income and Expenses. Plan your monthly budget with the IBank Money Manager. Set Goals and Achieve Your Dreams. Feature-rich Reports with Charts to Compare your Income vs Expense. Give it a try HERE (Username: Password: wags2018)

  • Merchant Locator

    Merchant Locator

    Need to find a Convenience Store or a great Italian Restaurant that accepts the IBank Card?

    Find the nearest IBank Merchant. Filter Search by Merchant Type like Sushi Restaurants, Convenience Stores or Coffee Shops, etc. Opt-in to receive Special Offers via SMS from Merchants in your area. Give it a try HERE (Hint: Try New York, Seoul, London or Dublin)


These are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

1I have been denied by several banks. Can I still open an IBank Account?

Yes, No one is denied an IBank Account as long as we can verify your identity.

2How do I access my IBank Account if I don't have a smart mobile phone or Internet access?

All Online Banks and Payment Networks require an Internet Connection. After all, that's why they're called "online". IBank is different - we're the only Cloud Bank that can be accessed without a smart mobile device or Internet Connection with the IBank SmartCard at any Authorize IBank Merchant.

3My credit score is not great. Can I still get an IBank Account?

There are no credit requirements. The IBank card is a Debit Card which is tied to the funds on deposit in your IBank Account. Much like "Prepaid" Debit Cards - but without any of the fees. And Prepaid Debit Cards don't allow you to send money overseas.

4 Are there any restrictions on how much money I can deposit or withdraw?

There are no restrictions on deposits unless they are cash deposits; in which case they would be subject to local regulations. Withdrawals made at a merchant location are subject to the cash availability of that merchant. Transferring funds from your IBank Account to another bank is also subject to daily transfer limitations which are imposed by regulations that differ by jurisdiction. Generally, those limits are much higher than the average balances held by most consumers.

5 I don't have Internet at home. How do I register for an IBank Account?

The best way to register if you do not have access to the Internet is to visit a participating merchant for an application or simply call us and we will take your application over the telephone.

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